Growing a webshop on a small budget

Renewed mobiles is one of my recent favourite cases on what you can achieve in a reasonable short amount of time using the right tools and working towards a clear goal.

Background – Renewed mobiles

Renewed is an e-commerce selling renewed and refurbished smartphones. The webshop was set up in December 2020 and I started working with them in March 2021. The assignment was simple. I would join renewed as a consultant during 3 months and my task was to kickstart sales and grow revenue. Since they are a startup with small margins and a tight budget we had to start small and grow from there.

When I started working with Renewed they had already set up a google ads campaign to try to drive sales and traffic but it was not performing well so that was a natural starting point for improvement.

March – set up

The idea was to start up fast by using paid advertising and in the same time work on improving the website and social media channels to increase organic growth in the long run.

The first thing I did was to re-arrange the ads account and creating new campaigns I also set up campaigns for Facebook and Instagram, set up a Facebook and Instagram shop and added a google shopping campaign.

We restarted the advertising on march 9, still on the same small advertising budget as previous month.  

During march users increased by 350% and revenue by over 2000% (from 3841 SEK in February  to 81 532 SEK in March).

the change of users in March compared to February (yes we had a slight bump when advertising went down for a day).

April – testing and optimizing

Since we got a good result from our ad-activities in March we kept the same advertising budget for April and continued by testing new Channels and messaging as well as optimizing the campaigns I set up in March.

I also started doing some on-page optimization in order to improve organic search traffic. One of the activities that started in April was rearranging the product structure of the webshop.

With the same advertising budget as March we managed to grow traffic another 35% in April and revenue by another 300% . Average conversion rate went from 0,57% to 0,95%

April had significantly higher conversion rate compared to March.

Going into May we increased advertising budget by 30%   but we were on to a slow start. Many of the competitors were also running campaigns at this point which led to an increased cost for the paid ads campaigns.

We knew we had to try something new and by the end of May we launched a sales campaign ending at the end of May. This was heavily pushed with social media ads (but still not overriding the set budget for the period).

During May we also gave the website a face-lift with new colors and more images of people, instead of just product pictures.

By the end of May performance was about the same as April, but on the last day (which happened to be the last day of the sales campaign) conversions and revenue skyrocketed and we ended May with 44% more transactions and 25% more revenue than April.

The  story of Renewed continues but our job to jump start sales and improve conversions is done for now.

The secret recipe for these 3 months of success was that I worked as part of the team. From day 1 I was able to try out new ideas and we continued testing and optimizing activities each week.

If you look at our over all KPIs you can see that they all increased and we managed to grow both traffic, CVR and revenue simultaneously and went from revenue of basically nothing to over 800k in only 3 months.

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